South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw NHS Action Group (SYBNAG) members feel that the service changes that the South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Integrated Care System (SYBICS) management is about to put into practice  will threaten patient safety and make it more difficult for local people to receive the NHS services they need.

The SYBICS (South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw Integrated Care System) is happening NOW -but they call themselves ‘Health and Care Working Together’  (see below how the name changed last month from an Accountable Care System to an Integrated Care System).

  • The SYB Sustainability & Transformation Plan (STP) of changes to our health and care services they wrote last year is happening NOW
  • They have to make efficiency savings of £571 million before 2020/21, and they say our services will have to be delivered differently to achieve this
  • They are NOW sorting out how they will provide our services with less money, fewer staff and in fewer places across South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw.

We call these CUTS!

We have already lost some of the services we relied on a year ago.

People are all coming together to challenge all this across the five ‘places’ in SYB (Barnsley, Bassetlaw, Doncaster, Rotherham & Sheffield).  We are working together as SYB NHS Action Group campaigners to tell people in South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw:

  • what is going on,
  • how secretive it all is and
  • how quickly decisions are being made and
  • how quickly our services are changing

The ‘management’ of SYBACS has a new website:   https://www.healthandcaretogethersyb.co.uk.

It gives you some information – but none of the detail.

They are legally required to involve the public, in planning the services we need and in deciding how, and where, they will be delivered.

But this isn’t happening.

What they are doing is:

  • selecting people to represent us and
  • consulting us after they decide things –

Neither of these methods count as public involvement.

They set up a Citizen Panel of selected people across SY & B to ‘represent’ us – but have NOT told us who they are – or how to contact them to give them our views.

  • how can they represent the public’s views if we can’t tell them & they don’t ask?
  • how can we trust what they say on our behalf?

They carry out Consultations by asking what we think  – but after they have decided what to do.

  • They invite us to an event to hear what WE think
  • BUT don’t give us any time on the day to discuss it all together
  • They don’t send any information beforehand for us to look at and think about
  • SO we can’t make the best use of our time at the event
  • They then write up their own summary of what we all said on the day
  • BUT they don’t send it to us first to check if it’s right or if they missed anything out

It is all very controlled and they don’t let us influence anything.

That is neither public involvement – participation or engagement.

It is also NOT Public Accountability!

There is a campaign group in each of the 5 SYB ‘places’ trying to have some influence over decisions about how the local services are delivered to people living in each ‘place’.

We have brought these campaigns together to challenge all this secrecy and control.

We want to stop them from preventing us – the patients, carers and the public – from having any say in OUR health and care services.

What can YOU do?

  • Look at our news and blog posts – and please tell us what YOU think
  • Let us know what’s happening to health services in YOUR patch
  • Support our SYBNAG campaign (SY & Bassetlaw NHS Action Group)
  • Support your local NHS campaign group
  • Tell your friends
  • Talk to us – use our Contact page



*What’s in a name?

The name of Accountable Care Systems has changed (as of Feb. ’18) and they are now to be called INTEGRATED Care Systems!

(Is there a message in this name change for us – did we all have some influence after all?)

What a pity, and a waste, that the SYBACS’s new banners including their new logo, that they only agreed in November ’17, to tell us how ‘HONEST & CLEAR’ they are in their communications, as the SYB Accountable Care System’, will now be binned!