Welcome – to SYBNAG


South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw NHS Action Group (SYBNAG) feel that the  changes happening now to our health services, in South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw:

  • will threaten patient safety
  • make it harder for local people to get the care and treatment they need
  • make it easier for our local NHS services to be put in control of Private Companies

These changes are being made by a new NHS structure – South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw Integrated Care System* (SYBICS).  This is not a legal part of the NHS and is run by people who are not answerable to anyone for what they do but they are making these changes very secretively and at great speed .

In 2016 health services in England were divided up into 44 areas called STPs or Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships.  This was supposed to sort out the lack of enough staff and money (sustainability) and to make services better and safer (be  (transformed).

These ST Partnerships involve all the NHS organisations and, to some extent the local councils:

  • Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) who plan and purchase local services
  • NHS service providers (the NHS Trusts and sometimes other companies)
  • Councils – who deliver public health and social care services.

As soon as they were set up, these STPs had to quickly agree a Sustainability and Transformation Plan that would deliver all our health and care services much more cheaply.

In our area the SYB STP was given the go ahead to start to implement this Plan last summer, in June 2017, along with seven other STPs.


  1. South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw
  2. Frimley Health and Care
  3. Dorset
  4. Bedfordshire, Luton & Milton Keynes
  5. Nottinghamshire
  6. Lancashire & South Cumbria
  7. Berkshire West
  8. Buckinghamshire
  9. Greater Manchester (devolution deal)
  10. Surrey Heartlands (devolution deal)

SYB was told to make services from 2016 to 2021 run £571 million cheaper.

So – it’s about the money!

We call these CUTS!  download

We have already lost some of the services we relied on a year ago – see our Changes page.

People are all coming together to challenge all this across the five ‘places’ in SYB (Barnsley, Bassetlaw, Doncaster, Rotherham & Sheffield) and working together as SYB NHS Action Group campaigners to tell people in South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw:

  • what is going on,
  • how secretive it all is and
  • how quickly decisions are being made and
  • how quickly our services are being changed (all behind closed doors)

The ‘management’ of SYBACS has a new website:   https://www.healthandcaretogethersyb.co.uk.

It gives you some information – but none of the detail.

The NHS Duty to Involve the Public

Commissioners (CCGs) are legally required to involve the public, in planning and commissioning the services we need and in deciding how, and where, they will be delivered.   NHS Trusts are legally required to involve us in service changes.

But this isn’t happening !

The CCGs are legally responsible but letting the SYBICS people do what they like:

  • It is all very controlled and we cannot influence anything – yet
  • They are not open and honest about what they are doing
  • They are not required, as CCGs and Trusts are, to write annual reports
  • They are not regulated by anyone – on public record
  • They are not answerable to anyone for what they are doing
  • There is no Public Accountability!

What we are doing at SYBNAG

The campaign groups across the SYB ‘system’ are working to have some influence over decisions about how services are delivered to people living in each ‘place’.

We are all working together to challenge all this secrecy and control.

We are aiming to stop them from preventing us – the patients, carers and the public – from having OUR say in OUR health and care services.


What can YOU do?

  • Look at our news and blog posts
  • Please tell us what YOU think
  • Let us know what’s happening to health services in YOUR patch
  • Support your local NHS campaign groups (see the About Us page)
  • Look at our information (on the Documents and Changes pages)
  • Tell your friends
  • Ask questions – at your surgery, clinic, hospital, council
  • Support our SYBNAG campaign (SY & Bassetlaw NHS Action Group)
  • Talk to us – use our Contact page

We cannot lose our precious NHS



*What’s in a name?

The name of Accountable Care Systems was originally given to the eight STPs (Partnerships) of the original 44 given the go ahead last June to implement their Plans.

But this was changed (as of Feb. ’18) and they are now to be called INTEGRATED Care Systems!

Maybe we all did have some influence when we said very loudly how unaccountable these new Accountable Care Systems are?

What a pity, and what a waste of public money, that the new SYBACS banners will now be binned! 

They only agreed – in Nov.’17 – that their new logo would say how ‘HONEST & CLEAR’ they are as the new SYB Accountable Care System’.

‘HONEST & CLEAR’ – Really?