What do SYB people think about this SYBACS so far?

Generally not impressed:
“There are too many managers imposing these changes on the NHS in SYB.”
“The councils are not now included as full partners.”
“The governance and accountability is a mess.”



“Can’t believe we have no out of hours Drs in Retford having had family from Ireland staying on Saturday we needed a Dr . With no car how the hell dose the NHS expect people that don’t drive or have money for taxis or bus fares to get to worksop hospital this is something we must sort out because if we don’t people will die . I am hoping we can get in to a local Drs on Monday”

19598885_1658875687465383_5265024225487712143_n“BSONHS and the freedom riders had a great response from people in Barnsley town centre on Saturday 1st July. We asked people to sign the large HAPPY BIRTHDAY NHS card. individuals and families of all ages were more than happy to put their names to thanking the NHS and staff for being there for them.

Many were worried about the running down and under funding of the NHS.”



“This is how the NHS has been taken over by a well-entrenched bureaucracy which is unaccountable then”



“Do not forget that it was politics that created the National  Health Service. And it is politics that can mess with it.

We do not want any American systems in this Country.

Our United Kingdom is ours and not to be messed with by anyone. “




“Fantastic turn out for the #ourNHS demo in London today.

The Sheffield Star asked us to send them photos from today.  Please send us any photos you have of the rest of the Sheffield delegation/banners as we all got split up as the demo was so big!”


PLEASE – tell us what YOU think!


If you live in South Yorkshire or Bassetlaw – join your local campaign!

(we can put you in touch with them)


Join us at the SYB NHS Action Group!







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