Sheffield Review of Urgent Care

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Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) are consulting local people on their Review of Urgent Care in the city. This is about having access to urgent care within 24 hours of needing it, whether at a minor injuries unit, at a walk in centre or at your local GP practice.
If you follow this link to the Sheffield CCG website you will see:
  • Why they want to make the changes
  • What services they want to change
  • Links to follow to read their Consultation Document – direct link here
  • A link to follow to their ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ list – direct link here
  • Other links to follow to their on-line (consultation) survey – direct link here
  • More links giving details of the Consultation Events – direct link here

The Sheffield CCG Primary Care Commissioning Committee considered and approved a paper, at their meeting on  25th September 2017, which gives a lot more detail than the Consultation Document available to the public.

But neither document gives clear details of those existing services that will close!

The CCG opened a three month consultation period to run from 26th September 2017 till 18th December 2017 feeling confident they will be able to satisfy NHS England that they meet the four tests for service change – as outlined on P9 of the ‘Planning, assuring and delivering service change for patients’ document published in November 2015.

These four tests are:

  • Strong public and patient engagement
  • Consistent with current and prospective need for patient choice
  • A clear clinical evidence base, and
  • Support for proposals from clinical commissioners

A founder member of South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw NHS Action Group, Deborah Cobbett, of Sheffield Save Our NHS, was quoted in a Sheffield Star report about this, and she said to us:

“Accountable Care?  More like unaccountable cost-cutting! 
We no longer have one National Health Service, just a collection of systems to manage throughput and patient flows.
Closures will mean extra travelling for patients and their relatives, difficulties with transport and possibly with caring responsibilities, and more pressure on services elsewhere, often in Sheffield.
Sheffield CCG reviewed Urgent Care and now want to close centrally located Minor Injuries Unit, all but emergencies at the Eye Clinic and Walk-in Centre.
Here is the report in the Sheffield Star.  This prompted the following letter in the  Sheffield Telegraph:

You couldn’t make it up:

“I read your report last week regarding the Minor Injuries Unit.  There are proposals to close the MIU at the Hallamshire and move it to The Northern General.  The NHS walk-in centre on Broad Lane could also be moved to the Northern General and the eye centre at the Hallamshire is to be scaled back and will only see emergency cases.  Dr Tim Moorhead talked about “improving access to urgent health care for people across the city” and another quote was “people will be able to get the care they need as close to home as possible”.    You couldn’t make it up, could you?’  Mike Cox, S11 “

SYBNAG says:

  • Why doesn’t the Consultation Document tell the public which of the services we have now will be closing if these changes go ahead?
  • Why is the link to the Sheffield CCG’s Urgent Care Business Case Document not working?
  • Why is this not advertised on any local Healthwatch websites?
  • How will Sheffield CCG gather the views of those visiting Sheffield, or working in Sheffield, to whom the Urgent Care Services ‘may be provided‘ should they have an urgent need of them? (as their public involvement legal duty requires them to do)?

Please tell us what you think – and share your thoughts with others affected by this – by adding your comments to this post.

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