The Cuts

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There are a number of service changes going on in our NHS across SYB (South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw) – mostly behind closed doors – that are resulting in SERVICE CUTS.

We will try our best to keep you up to date on all these cuts as we find out about them.

Please tell us about any CUTS you know of that we may not have heard about yet.



  • CLOSED – Mount Vernon (community) Hospital
  • CLOSED – the Keresforth Centre (young disabled service)
  • CLOSED – NHS acupuncture for back pain
  • CLOSURE AGREED – Emergency Stroke Service
  • CLOSURE AGREED – Non-specialist Children’s Surgery and Anaesthesia


  • UNUSED & STANDING IDLE – Operating theatres
  • CLOSED OVERNIGHT – Children’s ward – children transferred 18 miles to Doncaster
  • UNAVAILABLE – Out of hours GP service in some areas


  • CLOSURE AGREED – Non-specialist Children’s Surgery & Anaesthesia services
  • CLOSURE AGREED – Emergency Stroke Service


  • CLOSURE AGREED – Minor Injury & Walk in Centres
Doncaster & Sheffield are to be the two new specialist centres for all of SYB for Emergency Stroke Services – a potential to become overcrowded with patients.


System-wide Service Changes:download

The South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw Integrated Systems has many plans that will mean services are no longer available:

The majority of the changes that are well under way are from the Acute Care Hospital Vanguard, called Working Together, that started work in 2016 looking at planning hospital services across the 8 acute hospitals in Wakefield, SY, Bassetlaw and Chesterfield.  As a result of this work some services will definitely close this year.

Details of these discussions and decisions are on the Documents page and they include:

  • the closures in the Emergency (Hyper Acute) Stroke services
  • the closures ig the Non-specialist Children’s Surgery & Anaesthesia
  • a Hospital Services Sustainability review and report – of five services (urgent & emergency, maternity, acutely unwell children, stroke, gastroenterology) – now being considered
  • 15 Workstreams (committees planning more areas for changes)