The Documents

Here are some SYBACS documents you should have easy access to.

These are not all to be found in the obvious places and it could be said that they have been actually ‘hidden’ from public view!

The Plans

The STPs (Sustainability & Transformation plans) are to be blueprints for how our health and care services are to be made available to us for the next 5 years (now 3 and a half). They have two components:

  • The whole area STP (sub-regional plan for all the people living in the 5 places within the STP area)
  • The ‘place-based plans’ (one for each ‘place’ within the STP area – there are 5)

The South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw Sustainability & Transformation Plan – which has two versions available:

It was not shared with the public until after it was submitted to NHS England and NHS Improvement in October 2016 – (the two national NHS bodies that are overseeing the 44 STPs in England).

The Local Place Based Sustainability & Transformation Plans – which each of the 5 ‘places’ in SYB are required to have. (No summary versions have been found of these – the titles of each plan is the title the authors gave them)


Governance – how the STPs will be ‘managed’ and ‘implemented’ across SYB and in each ‘place’

There is a SYBACS – South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw Accountable Care System – and each of the 5 ‘places’ will have their own place based Accountable Care System or ACS.

Each ACS will be run by an Accountable Care Partnership, or ACP, of:

  • the health and social care organisations responsible for commissioning (planning and buying) our services
  • and the organisations responsible for providing these health and care services.

But the ACP (Accountable Care Partnership) will only be made up of the ‘statutory‘ organisations that have legal duties, powers and accountabilities for their resonsiblities that a Statute (Act of Parliament) gives them.

Each Accountable Care Partnership will have a Memorandum of Understanding, or MoU, that describes how they make decisions and where any accountability lies. These documents will show the ACP structures and responsibilities clearly.

There is an MoU for the whole system ACP (across all the 5 ‘places’) already and there will soon be another one for each of the 5 ‘places’ across SYB:

And the 5 ‘place’ ACSs governance: