The Documents

Here’s our own brief document giving the background of the SYBICS:

& some SYBICS (South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw Integrated Care System)  documents that you should have easy access to.

These SYBICS documents are not all to be found in the obvious places and it could be said that they have been actually ‘hidden’ from public view!

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Management Documents:

The STP Plans (2016) – the full plan for SY&B and the 5 individual Place-based Plans

Memorandum of Understanding (2017) – of SYBICS & each Place-based partnership

Workstream Updates (2016….) – updates on 15 SYBICS workstreams planning changes

Commissioning for Outcomes Policy (2017/18) – how GPs refer you for tests/treatment

Service changes:

Cuts/closures already planned (2017):


Proposed changes that will include service cuts/closures (2018/19):

The Hospital Services Review Team looked at hospital services (August 2017 – April 2018). Their Report was published in May 2018 and the Team invited comments from the partners and staff in the SYB Integrated Care System, (SYBICS) and the public, between June & July 2018.

The Hospital Services Review Team – or the SYBICS, it is not clear which – published the comments received (with a response to the comments from the Team, or the SYBICS,) in a new document called the: “South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw, Mid Yorkshire and North Derbyshire: Hospital Services Programme Strategic Outline Business Case”.

There are three unexplained facts:

  • The area covered is larger than the area covered by the SYBICS, but it appears to be a SYBICS document
  • The ‘Review’ became a ‘Programme’ as it was ‘approved’ (there is no public record of who made this decision or when)
  • The 2016 ‘efficiency saving’ required by 2021 was £571 million, but there are no annual updates showing progress on ahieving this ‘cost reduction’